How Credible Is the Current Oral Tie Trend?

This month respected publications question the credibility of the scientific evidence to recommend tongue-tie revision.


Dining Out

I narrate a story that is not my own, yet is, in its essentials, a true tale.

Is the Treatment of Tongue-Tie an ‘Unjustified Enthusiasm’?

A new study published today raises doubts about whether we can trust clinicians’ perceptions about the benefits and harms of surgical interventions.

Always Ask Questions: Don’t Let Your Tongue Be Tied

Nothing in health care should be above challenge.

Ten Traditional Children’s Games Whose Magic Persists

“The value of a game as recreation depends on its inconsequence to daily life.” A secret yet enduring world.

Waste Product or Tasty Treat?

Eating placenta, traditions and thoughts about our only disposable organ.

Tongue-Tie Politics of Breastfeeding

Some striking parallels between the promotion of artificial baby milk and of surgical oral procedures.

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