Neuroscience Shows Breastfeeding Is Not Just Milk

Source: Neuroscience Shows Breastfeeding Is Not Just Milk


The Pace-Egg

The revival of traditional Spring festival drama in the North of England.

How Credible Is the Current Oral Tie Trend?

This month respected publications question the credibility of the scientific evidence to recommend tongue-tie revision.

Dining Out

I narrate a story that is not my own, yet is, in its essentials, a true tale.

Is the Treatment of Tongue-Tie an ‘Unjustified Enthusiasm’?

A new study published today raises doubts about whether we can trust clinicians’ perceptions about the benefits and harms of surgical interventions.

Always Ask Questions: Don’t Let Your Tongue Be Tied

Nothing in health care should be above challenge.

Ten Traditional Children’s Games Whose Magic Persists

“The value of a game as recreation depends on its inconsequence to daily life.” A secret yet enduring world.

Waste Product or Tasty Treat?

Eating placenta, traditions and thoughts about our only disposable organ.

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