Why Upper Lip-Tie Isn’t a Thing

Why releasing a baby's superior labial frenulum cannot be endorsed.

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Tongue-Tie Politics of Breastfeeding

Some striking parallels between the promotion of artificial baby milk and of surgical oral procedures.

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Who Diagnoses Tongue-Ties that Interfere With Breastfeeding?

Diagnosing a tongue-tie that affects breastfeeding.

Tongue-Tie Epidemic Poses Risk to Community

Why the increase in tongue-tie surgeries and what risk to the community?

Reading Between the Lines: Post Tie Surgery

What are mothers saying on social media when tie surgery wasn't the answer?

The Psychology of Reading and Why Our Stories Matter

I wrote this one for WHT. Not that anyone needs an excuse to read a good book, but hey, this research spells out why stories are more than entertainment.

Women’s Health Today

Getting lost in a good story helps a reader understand what’s going on in other people’s minds, a useful skill, particularly for caregivers.

Barbara Higham

As an avid reader, a student of literature during my time at university, and a mothers’ stories editor for some years, I have always loved reading and the art of narrative. As a keeper of mothers’ stories, I have long been aware of how important it can be for a woman to tell her birth and breastfeeding story, of her struggles and triumphs. Writing a story can be cathartic, helping its author work through complex feelings. Reading a story can help those with whom the author’s experiences resonate. The positive experience goes much deeper than that though, which is why storytelling has always been fundamental to all cultures. Recent research suggests that reading a well crafted story can be particularly beneficial to those who seek to…

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When Releasing Tongue-Ties Does Not Fix Breastfeeding

When tie surgery fails to help breastfeeding, do mothers tell their stories?

How Cultures Protect the New Mother

Source: How Cultures Protect the New Mother Have you seen what's on Women's Health Today?

Too Many Tongue-Ties?

Reflections on the incidence of tongue-tie and a look at the latest from Dr Pamela Douglas

Neuroscience Shows Breastfeeding Is Not Just Milk

Source: Neuroscience Shows Breastfeeding Is Not Just Milk

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