Barbara Higham

Tongue-Tie Politics of Breastfeeding

Some striking parallels between the promotion of artificial baby milk and of surgical oral procedures.

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How Cultures Protect the New Mother

Source: How Cultures Protect the New Mother Have you seen what's on Women's Health Today?

Too Many Tongue-Ties?

Reflections on the incidence of tongue-tie and a look at the latest from Dr Pamela Douglas

Neuroscience Shows Breastfeeding Is Not Just Milk

Source: Neuroscience Shows Breastfeeding Is Not Just Milk

Non-Breastfeeding Mothers at a Disadvantage

What are the effects of breastfeeding on a mother’s own health? Looking at the research studies, the focus is usually on the benefits of breastfeeding rather than the risks of not doing so

The Pace-Egg

The revival of traditional Spring festival drama in the North of England.

How Credible Is the Current Oral Tie Trend?

This month respected publications question the credibility of the scientific evidence to recommend tongue-tie revision.

Dining Out

I narrate a story that is not my own, yet is, in its essentials, a true tale.

Sleeping Like A Baby

Sleeping with my babies and what the research says about it.

Is the Treatment of Tongue-Tie an ‘Unjustified Enthusiasm’?

A new study published today raises doubts about whether we can trust clinicians’ perceptions about the benefits and harms of surgical interventions.

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